Floating Action

by Floating Action

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All songs written, recorded, produced by Seth Kauffman. (c) March/2008, ASCAP. (c) (p) 2009 Park the Van Records. Mixed by Bill Moriarty at American Diamond Studios, Philadelphia, PA. Mastered by Eddie Ashworth at The Oxide Shed, Coolville Ridge, Athens, OH.


released April 21, 2009

Seth Kauffman: vocals, drums, strings, guitars, basses, percussion, mbira, clavinet, organ. Evan Martin: vocals on 4, 11, 13, 14. Michael Libramento: vocals on 4, 11, 13, 14, electric bass on 4. Maxine Gwynn: vocals on 1, 6, 7. Camelia Campbell, Shaneika Henry, Direna Cousins, Rackell Smith: vocals on 1, 2, 6, 14. Shannon Whitworth: vocals on 5, 12. Cary Fridley: flute on 10.



all rights reserved


Floating Action Black Mountain, North Carolina

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Track Name: 50 Lashes
Rake me over a line of coals, throw me into the sea
Barely able to thinkin’ of, when it’s over me

I see an army in the darkness

I can’t take more than fifty lashes
Could you please just open the door

When it’s too late to sell my gold, too late to be in control
Barely able to pull my torn blanket over me

Traded food for my destiny, then sold the food for my soul
Sign confession, then drink it down, prophecy fulfilled
Track Name: Marie Claire
Oh, Marie Claire
Ambitious as the next working woman
I could not be without my Marie Claire

Tonight it’s almost time to make good
On all your promises, that withstood my flaming tongue

Tonight it’s almost time to make good
On every lost cause, that seems to lumber on
Track Name: To Connect
I gloat, exactly like you want me to
All my hope, it dashes on the rocky bank
Wait, waiting for permission now
For to walk

If only to connect with you one day

I gloat, exactly what you want me to
Stumbled down, down into your lion’s den
For to walk
Track Name: Unrobbed
Dirty dancing in your conscience
Can’t stop shakin’ in my shoes
Squeezing all my vacant discomfort
When you left no bank unrobbed

Dropped down to a place you forbode me
Just before a perfect place
Don’t bother stopping now, it’s a long one
Because you left no bank unrobbed

When face shots seem to be in abundance
And powder deep up to your chest

You stole my glass from the frontside and we ride

Don’t bother stopping now, it’s a long one
Don't bother waiting up for tonight
Dropped down to a place you forbode me
Because you left no bank unrobbed

When face shots seem to be in abundance
And powder deep up to your chest
You stole my last chance at a front side
Because you left no bank unrobbed
Track Name: Edge of the World
Riding the edge of the world, marm
Back when the season had come
I asked for you please not to run
Why should I care what you do, marm
I’m used to be made up a fool

And I’m right on the edge of the world
I’m feelin’ the weight of the world

Twisted my arm for some girls
The way you dig medicine pearl
A whirlpool is draggin’ us both
Under the continent-shelf
I’d explore it with you in a second
But I still can’t breathe underwater

With or without you I wander
Down through the streets paved with gold
When it seems waves crashin’ hard
And the undertow’s draggin’ me out
Thunderstorms right on the way
And this boy’s trying hard just to stay
Track Name: So Vapor
When your mind is at peace to let go
To let go
To let go
So vapor

The captive tries to break free
Track Name: Don't Stop (Loving Me Now)
Don’t stop loving me now
‘Cause I’m trying to forget my dreams of you
Dreams of you

Well I have no vision now
And I still can’t feel my feet
When I reach out with my hand
The renewing of my mind is not here yet

When you drew your sword on me
Blew them kisses one, two, three
Not a moment I regret
‘Cause the renewing of my mind is not here yet
Track Name: Cinder Cone
Cinder Cone

We hold the spirit wars behind the cinder cone
We all must die someday and serve the cinder cone

What more could stretch across that divided me from you
The molten lava flows all through the frightened town
We all must run right now and hide from cinder cone
Track Name: Dying Punch
Today I don’t feel like dyin’
It’s you I’ve been thinking of
I know

When it’s the truth I’m findin’
I always end up back with you
I know

She would not give herself as a sacrifice Den Enkelte
Earth-born passions die out and one last punch left to throw
Here I go
Track Name: Could You Save Me
Could you save me

Because I’m in the way, spinning out of control
Could it be that you’ve captured my soul
Feel like I’m just about to lose all that I have
And I need you to catch me when I fall
Track Name: Say Goodbye
Well if it’s past time to make some room
In the time it takes to lower boom
And if you’re strong enough to shoulder all the blame
Then don’t waste time trying to explain

What am I supposed to do
Tell them I’m with you
The time has come to pay the price
So just say goodbye to me
Track Name: Tide of Green
Don't you take off your boots, babe
When the tide is so green
What you sell in the shadows, baby
Won't support you for good

And if you meet me at the ocean
Doesn't matter which one
Then the tide will bring you back someday

Above your chest the waves swell
And neither do they spin

As the clouds gather over
The tide has got to be green
Track Name: Pills to Grind
You're thirsty for a breath of air
The ground below begins to quake

There ain't no pill that we can't grind

I hear the fire that's burnin' tonight
Tell me now to wake me up

The chasm's deep, it echoes the song
A moment gone because you waited too long

It's hard to have the presence to know
It's either fast or it's too slow