Ting (Seth Kauffman)

by Floating Action

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(p)(c) 2006 Hightone Records. All songs written, produced, recorded, engineered and played by Seth Kauffman. Published by Martha Road Music/International-Injected Publishing ASCAP, administered by Bug Music.


released March 21, 2006

Seth Kauffman: trashcan lid, vocals, guitars, upright-fender-washtub basses, violin, lap steel, organ, piano, harmonica, drums, gong, tambourine, maracas, agogo bells, cowbell, guiro, llama toenails, cuico.



all rights reserved


Floating Action Black Mountain, North Carolina

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Track Name: Get Your Love Stole
You don't feel the way I do, you don't owe me
I don't see what you know is your problem

But I know it's for sure you control
The way to get your love stole

How to hide a two-row so completely
When a pound is what you need to heal me

I've been tryin' to get away closer to Zion
Someone left a 4-track mind for me to find
But now I'm wishin' to be back in your arms

Sittin' here with my own name, so lonely
But to change what she did would just end me

I can't build a reflection of your will
'Cause with you, it's simply just a showdown
Track Name: Black Biscuit
Hey, hey, black biscuit got me on the run
Track Name: Meadowlark
Meadowlark, take me to another place
Your two wings to carry me through the sky
I have just been taken for a ride by love
It has tried to put me on the floor again


The softest red, color of the setting sun
Indicates a time no longer for to yearn
For my vindication from a warm embrace
As I start to counting all the stars in space
Track Name: Jug Hustler Blues
Jug hustle when you do that thing
Jug hustle and you get your man
Jug hustler comin' cross the sand
Jug hustlin', man, I gotta go

A little for you, little for me
Shatter it -- hit the trail
Put you down, takin' too much time
Track Name: Cold Out Here
Going to the dancehall tonight
Can't help hopin' that you're alright
Weeping and we're wailing tonight
And the clouds are full to burst with my tears

It sure gets cold out here at night
When that long, dark cloud of dust is gone
At long last, you just lost your gun
And that long, dark cloud of dust is gone

Watch me put some meat on my bones
Like a king appointed to his throne
Is weeping while his servants are gone
Divided by a cloud of dust
Track Name: Somente Seja De
Medio a mar, somente seja de

Seu olhous seja formoso quao ouro
E elas refleta o noite em preto
Eu mesmo escelada o
Track Name: I'm A Martyr
Tell you it's alright, it's alright
'Cause I'm a martyr for you
See by the look in your eyes
That you think I would leave you
Take up my things a go
For another girl

Can't you tell where my soul is?
Can't you tell what my heart says

I'd rather be put to death, babe
If it could make you see
That you don't have to worry

Ain't no way that you could make me
Renounce my faith in you
Please hear my darkened plea
That I'm a martyr for you

A wanderin' soul was I
Only talkin' to myself
Wandered the woods by day
Sleepin' on the street at night
Then you came and found me
You shook hands with a martyr
Track Name: Burden To My King
Drifting down the river, towards the sea
No one in my selfish thoughts but me
Bandits took my money, everything
Except the burden of my Lord and King

I'm gonna take up a burden to my King
Set a new course, oh Lord, put up my sails
I'm gonna take up a burden to my King
The glory of God, it never fails

Solomon was treated
Go to the king and say to him
Sacrifice great numbers of fattened calves
On the royal throne before my king

They entered the city on my two wings
The soldiers all gathered around the gates
As soon as his head hits the ground
March seven times the walls around
Track Name: Detroit Sunrise
Always thinking about you, most likely dreaming
Grey December morning couldn't be much more cold
Today I search the skies; thought they might tell me
Which way to go, so that I can say to you:

The color of your eyes is a Detroit sunrise

Once I had a dream, I'd bought myself some shoes
Filled them up with shalamar and brought them to you
You said you'd never seen such a beautiful thing
Suddenly I realized I'd never told you that: